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General Management

A company is a living organism determined by the laws of economics as well as its internal culture. You are an expert in your professional field, but for your next career step you require additional skills in general management. You are currently working in middle management in the trade, service or administration sector, and you see opportunities for yourself to advance to top management. Along your way, you have already acquired in-depth technical knowledge, some general management skills, leadership skills and strategic thinking. Our courses enable you to complement and deepen your knowledge based on the latest developments and research.

Managing a company means dealing with finances, marketing and human resources, as well as logistics and strategy. Today, companies are confronted with an environment in constant change, harboring ever new challenges. It is essential that these challenges be recognized, taken into consideration and integrated into both the operational processes and the internal culture. In order to take on a top management position in a company, comprehensive general management skills are indispensable. The General Management programs at the University of Zurich provide you with the appropriate tools and concepts in a scientifically sound and practically oriented manner. General Management students usually have an academic degree but not necessarily an economic education.

EMBA programs
Business Managment programs
Advanced Management programs

Intercultural Management

You aspire to work in an international group or a company operating internationally; perhaps you are considering a stay abroad and are interested in an intercultural exchange. The Intercultural Management programs address the relationship between interculturality and different areas of business administration.

We believe that intercultural competence is a skill that cannot be learned from books alone - it is something that must be experienced. Thus, all courses are taught by professors and guest lecturers from top universities and renowned companies from around the world. Programs with a core focus on intercultural management offer in-depth insights and provide you with the necessary skills for business management in a cross-border context.

On top of that, the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in European and Chinese Business Management includes an internship in an international company. Students thereby have the unique opportunity to apply the intercultural knowledge learned in class out in the real world.

European and Chinese Business Management programs

Medical Leadership

Today, leaders in healthcare are faced with an increasingly challenging environment. Rising costs and ever evolving financing models, but also the process of digital transformation, are only some of the reasons forcing many institutions and enterprises to continually optimize their services, processes and structures. In order to tackle such disruptive changes, highly qualified leaders are needed in the health sector. They need to be equally familiar with the conditions of the medical field as with the tenets of business administration.

In our flexible, part-time Medical Leadership programs, you will expand and deepen your knowledge in the areas of business administration, strategic management, financial management, marketing and communications, leadership, digital health, artificial intelligence and law and ethics. The skills you acquire will be directly applicable at your workplace, whether that is a hospital, health center, health insurance, pharmacy or medical laboratory, in the pharmaceutical industry or in public administration.

Our degree programs prepare you optimally for your next step as a competent leader: You will gain new perspectives, become more innovative and agile, deal intensively with interdisciplinarity and expand your network.

Medical Leadership programs
Digital Health for Medical Leadership programs

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